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Sandalwood Products- Sandalwood Oil Aromatherapy for the Body, Spirit, and Mind

Warm and calming aroma of the sandalwood eases digestive issues and inspires serenity. Sandalwood energetic ingredients such as tannins and santalols fight against various kinds of infections and also assist in stop bleeding. These ingredients provide it with the distinctive aroma. Sandalwood incense also brings various advantages and pleasure of human beings. Sandalwood is also utilized in the Ayurvedic healing. It is also used to make the joss stick which helps in reducing the sadness and provide the comfortable sleep. Sandalwood is also mixed with various others wood scents like cedar and frankincense to increase the soothing feeling.

Sandalwood is the medium or small sized evergreen tree which has much importance, significance and value of its properties of aromatic. Also, Sandalwood essential oil ingredients have the property of antibacterial and are soothing to the hair and body skin. Due to this reason, various cosmetics include its extracts and Sandalwood Oil. These are the natural ingredients that are used in various skin creams and also in the hair care products which are very effective and useful without any side effects.

Also, Sandalwood beauty care products are more cost effective than various other chemical products. As such, Sandalwood oil is an essential part of people's life due to cost effectiveness and anybody can afford it. But, nowadays, it is becoming more costly every year due to customer demand and dwindling forests. The source of this excellent oil is becoming rare. These are the two main reasons due to which Sandalwood costs are rising. Due to Sandalwood highly valued aromatic properties and skin care benefits, Sandalwood price is increasing. Sandalwood oil is extracted from the roots of the tree known as Heartwood.

By the steam heating or boiling it, Sandalwood oil is extracted. It is one of the most extensively used aromatics in the world. It is much popular due to its capability in meditation yogic tradition, its therapeutic effects in Tibetan, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine systems and Sandalwood aroma in the perfumery. The extreme centre of the tree’ roots is known as Heartwood where the Sandalwood oil of the greatest quality and demand is extracted. The successful cultivation of this tree is very hard and difficult due to very severe environmental demands. The Sandalwood tree almost takes thirty years to grow before producing the oil of large value.


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